Super Mega Blackjack Supreme

Super Mega Blackjack Supreme 1.4

The most supreme mega Blackjack ever


  • Loads of options including card counting
  • Tutor available


  • It's still just you versus the dealer

Very good

There are many Blackjack games around and they all promise to be the best. Well Super Mega Blackjack Supreme is certainly the most hyperbolic card game I've ever come across. The problem is Blackjack is such a simple game how can one claim to be so much better than than the rest? Well the secret is in the options available and the accessibility to players of all levels from novice to professional.

There are several different tables you can play at from beginner's all the way up to the Grand High Roller's Table, which is not a place for the nervous. However, cash is unlimited through handy bank loans so don't get too anxious. Also you can apply for your very own personal assistant who will guide you through each game and show you that it's really not so simple after all. All the fun you'd expect from playing at the casino is here including 'doubling down', payout insurance, hand splitting and even card counting. Plus the graphics are nice and slick.

Place your bets in the best Blackjack game ever! Double down, split, or take a hit and earn a seat at the golden High Roller’s Table!

Super Mega Blackjack Supreme is the ultimate blackjack experience. Unlike other blackjack games, Super Mega Blackjack Supreme combines all the thrills of classic blackjack with a list of new and amazing features. Start at the public table and work your way up to high roller status at the Grand High Roller’s table. With the built in banking system, you can take out bank loans and keep playing even if you go bankrupt. Your game is never over!

Never played blackjack before? No problem, your in-game personal assistant can tell you everything you need to know to get started. Don’t just play blackjack, play Super Mega Blackjack Supreme!


  • Unlimited hours of gameplay.
  • True virtual decks. Each deck contains 52 cards exactly like real decks. Real card shuffling and real deals. Not just random cards being thrown on the table like other games.
  • Easy to use help system with built in personal assistant. Just pick up and play. No need for training. No need for strategy cards.
  • Your last bet is automatically saved. Change your bet at anytime.
  • Hand splitting option enables you to play up to 3 hands at once.
  • Your game progress and winnings are automatically saved with up to 3 unique games slots. Each game can be personalized for your style of play.
  • High quality music and sound effects with mute options.
  • Double Down on any hand including split hands.
  • Real casino style action with Blackjack payouts at 3 to 2 and Insurance payouts at 2 to 1.
  • Automatically handle Aces as 1 or 11.
  • Simple to use blackjack game interface.
  • Move to tables with higher betting limits.
  • Accept bank loans and bet your way out of debt.
  • Easy to understand payment system. See every dollar lost or gained in real time.
  • Supports up to 10 decks at once with the option to display card counting.
  • Buy insurance with the option to disable insurance bets.
  • Fun colorful graphics and animation.

Super Mega Blackjack Supreme


Super Mega Blackjack Supreme 1.4

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